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Semen Options Available - Call/Text Zach at 319-470-9584

Fuzzy Mess

Hot Mess (Hot Karl x Game Changer) x Warm & Fuzzy

Bred by Allen Show Lambs

Purchased from Skidgel and Newton Club Lambs

Fuzzy Mess.jpg

Hot Karl

Apollo x (Game Changer x Addiction)

Bred by Skidgel Club Lambs

Purchased from Greiner/Flynn



Semen Available

(Shoot Yeah x Joe Harrell) x Shroyer

2020 AI Sire

Bred by George Shenold

Reckless Kelly

For Sale

Game Changer x (Unleaded x Tonic x Pistol Whipped)

2018 Keeper Ram Lamb


Paoti x Bobb

2018 Keeper Ram Lamb


Indian Outlaw x Fleener

2017 Keeper Ram Lamb

Sire Pictured

Reference Sires

Saddle Rooster

(Shoot Yeah x Joe Harrell) x Game Changer

Bred by George Shenold

Game Changer

Target x Tonic/Cowboy

Bred by Skidgel Club Lambs

Purchased from George Shenold


Bulletproof x Touchstone x Troubador

Bred by Amthauer Club Lambs

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